Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

This is a system design to Pay you as people join after you.The word Mono means Single. Everybody joining the system enters into a single line and takes position.

A certain numbers of person is required to join under you that will move you from the line into a new Circle whereby creating earnings (monoprofit) for you as you move from one circle to another. The monoline system profits everyone because you get paid when people join the system after you whether they are direct or not directly sponsored by you.

YES. This is an affiliate program that needs you to refer people, friends and families members to purchase the company product as anything good is worth sharing.

When you refer, you earn 10% of the affiliate paid package value as a referral bonus. There is no limits to what you can earn. So the more you share your referral link, the more referral bonus you earn when they join with your link.

NO. You earn money from the system in five ways:

  1. When you refer (Referral Bonus)
  2. When you move from one circle to another (Monoline Bonus)
  3. When any of your referral rejoin (Rejoin Bonus)
  4. When any of your referral upgrade (Upgrade Bonus)
  5. When you sale any of our landed property (Consultant Commission)

In as much as you join, you will earn money with the monoline circle movement.

There is no limit to the numbers of people you can refer. To complete all twelve (12) circles quickly, the system requires you to refer a minimum of twelve (12) people and no maximum. The more you share your referral link, the more successful you will become to reach your goals.

PFX is the acronym of Property Trading where FX in our own terms means trading. PFX is a real estate agency that combines Affiliate marketing with a unique mono-profit system to make property ownership simple and affordable to all her affiliates.

NO. Multiple accounts is prohibited. The system will use your KYC to check and enforce this rule. Anyone that violates this rule will have his extra accounts blocked and deleted from the system.

YES. You can if only they are 18 years and above. Every account requires KYC (Know your customer) verification. Children accounts below 18 years will be blocked and deleted from the system.

YES. You can start from any package of your choice but that does not mean you are already in that circle. All Packages starts from circle 1 and progress to circle 12. Starting with a higher package gives you one major advantage and that is the 58% cash back Ganrantee.The 58% cash back Ganrantee is only available to first package purchase and not packages upgraded to. There is no cash back ganrantee to upgraded packages.
MonoPack = $35 (N12,950.00)
MonoPro = $150 (N55,500.00)
MonoSilver = $300 (N111,000.00)
MonoGold = $500 (N185,000.00)
MonoDiamond = $1000 (N370,000.00)
MonoStar = $2000 (N740,000.00)
MonostarPro =$3000 (N1,110,000.00)
MonostarUltimate =$4000 (N1,480,000.00)

If you upgrade from N12950 package to N55,500 package, you will only pay the difference which in this case will be N42,550. Yon cannot receive 58% cash back on the Monopro you upgraded to simply because it was not your first pack of purchase. The Upgrade process is automated in the system purely from you cash earnings, so you don’t need to pay another money from your pocket.

Wow, this is good. Anytime someone you introduced or referred upgrades, you will earn 10% of that upgrade value as upgrade bonus. Imagine, ten (10) of your referrals upgrading from N370,000 pack to N740,000 ( you will earn 10% of N370,000 that is N37,000 x 10 = N370,000)

NO, We are not running an investment program but an affiliate program. You fund is considered as a fees pay to become a paid affiliate and that is what gives you the right to earn with the monoprofit system. Free affiliates can earn with the system but cannot cash out and bonuses until they activate their account otherwise their accounts will be deleted from the system after the 10 days grace period.

Simple, You are expected to promote PFX and her products which majorly is selling of Lands and you can also earn sales consultant commission from this process. We operate as an agency to our real estate partners and our parent company City Core Investment Limited. Becoming a paid affiliate is a choice for you to partake of the amazing monoprofit system designed by PFX.

PFX main product is Land. We sell plots of lands for our Real Estate Company called Capital City Development Company. We have other products offered by our parent company on Savings, Loans and Investment.

Payout is made once a week. Every Friday, we pay directly to your bank account that we have on record. We charge 2.5% upon every payout to your Bank Account. You can make cash out request from Saturday to Wednesday. While Thursday and Friday are used for processing and payout.

It is mandatory to give out the incentive items as stated in our compensation plan but however, if you need cash, then you have put in an application through email to: [email protected] and upon approval, you will receive 50% of the cash value of that item.
Last Updated: June 1st, 2020.